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Durham Canine Update

Thank you for registering for our DCU Annual Eye Clinic. We will contact you with an appointment time. The cost per dog is $25.00. Please send a cheque or money order to:

Marie Horne, 6605 Leskard Road, Orono, Ontario  L0B 1M0
Tel: (905) 983-5457

Please check your information to make sure it is correct, and you may want to print out this page so you'll have the above address to send your payment to.

Name:  Name
Address:  Street
City:   City
Province:   Province
Postal Code:   PostalCode
Work Phone:   WorkPhone
Home Phone:   HomePhone
E-Mail:   Email

Number of Dogs:  NumberDogs at $25 per dog
Breed(s):  Breeds
Preferred Time:  Time
Your comments:  Comments

If you need to cancel your appointment, contact Jan Carr

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