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*These links to other websites are not necessarily endorsed by DCU
but are provided for information and interest only*

Local Canadian & Ontario Links

bulletOntario County Kennel Club
bulletOCKC Show Handling Classes
bulletTsuro Dog Training
bulletCanadian Kennel Club
bulletDogs in Canada
bulletCanadian Dog Clubs/Rescue
bulletOntario Championship Dog Shows

Behavior, Training, Fun

bullet12 Tips for a Well-Behaved Dog
bulletAKC Canine Good Citizen
bulletCanines of America: canine.com
bulletCheryl May's Dog Behavior Links
bulletAggression & Dominance:
bulletAttitude Adjustment
bullet"He just wants to say, 'Hi!'", by S. Clothier 
bulletPack Leadership
bulletShy Dogs Links Page
bulletTaming the Dominant Dog
bulletTough Temperaments


bulletCanadian Association of Professional Pet Dog Trainers
bulletAmerican Dog Trainers Network
bulletClick and Treat by Gary Wilkes
bulletClicker Training by Karen Pryor
bulletDog Logic FAQ
bulletDog Training Basics
bulletDog World: Help the Canine Mind
bulletDoggie Door: On Dog Behavior
bulletDr. P's Dog Training ~ Links
bulletFriskies: On Pet Behavior
bulletNothing in Life is Free
bulletPet Behavior Resources
bulletPuppy Aptitude Test
bulletDog, Disc and Wind ~ K-9 Frisbee
bulletDog Play
bulletDog Sports
bulletDog Tricks 
bulletDog Tricks (more)
bulletHow to Love a Dog (for kids)
bulletSpiritual Connections: Animal Angels
bulletTalking with Animals ~ Interspecies Telepathic Communication


bulletChoosing a Quality Breeder
bulletFinding a Responsible Breeder
bulletReasons to Breed a Dog (Not!) 

Dog Poisoning

bulletASPCA Poison Control Center
1-800-548-2423 or 1-900-680-0000
bulletAnti-Freeze Poisoning
bulletChocolate Toxicity
bulletPoison Control
bulletGarbage/Food Poisoning
bulletPet Poison Prevention Tips
bulletPet Poison Safety Tips
bulletPoisonous Plants ~ Potentially Hazardous Plants
bulletVet Info: Toxins/Poisons that Affect Dogs

Recipes for Dog Treats

bulletBiscuits & Cookies
bulletDogs are Gods: Dog Treats
bulletCanine Connections Recipes
bulletCarly's Diet & Nutrition Links & Recipes
bulletDog Patch Recipes
bulletEasy Dog Treats Recipes
bulletFavorite Dog Treat Recipes by Seadog
bulletFrost Paws Frozen Dessert
bulletFuzzy Faces Dog Munchies
bulletKritters Kitchen
bulletSatin Balls (Weight Gain Recipe)
bulletSOAR: Dog and Treat Recipes
bullet"What's on the Menu?" Pomerana Recipes

Nutrition/Dog Foods

bulletHill's/Science Diet website
bulletSolid Gold website
bulletWysong website
bulletPractical Canine Nutrition
bulletFood Pets Die For

Traveling with Pets

bulletADOA's Travel Brochure
bulletAKC Travel Tips
bulletCanada: Traveling Guide
bulletCalifornia: dogfriendly.com ~ N. CA: dogsbythebay.com
bulletCamping with Your Pet article
bulletFuzzy Faces Travel Page
bulletLas Vegas Pet Bed & Breakfast
bulletThe Mining Co.: Traveling with Your Dog
bulletOregon: Sebastian's Guide
bulletPet Friendly
bulletPets OK
bulletPets Welcome.com
bullet*Takeyourpet.com - excellent resource!
bulletTravel Web
bulletTravel Dog
bullet"Traveling with Pets" article
bulletVagabond Inns
bulletVet Locator

Veterinary - Health - Emergency Information

bulletAKC: A Healthy Dog
bulletACVO: American College of Veterinary Ophthalmologists
bulletAVCA: American Veterinary Chiropractic Association
bulletAVMA: American Veterinary Medical Association
bulletAlt Vet Med ~ Angel's Page: Natural Pet Health
bulletArthritis: Degenerative Joint Disease in Dogs- Adequan
bulletBlinddogs Website - information and links for owners of blind dogs
bulletBloat Sites -
bulletAcute Gastric Dilation-Volvulus
bulletCaring for Pets with Cancer
bulletThe Woodro's Good Fight
bulletCanine Health Foundation ~ Canine Health Network
bulletCommon Illnesses & Conditions
bulletConditions & Diseases by Dog Infomat
bulletSigns of Canine Illness by Dog Owner's Guide
bulletDeafness in Cats & Dogs
bulletDental Care ~ Home Dental Care
bulletEye Vet - excellent information on ALL eye problems
bulletIMOM - Helping people to help pets
bulletVeterinary Information for Dog Owners
bulletCornell University Veterinary Services
bulletNet Vet: Veterinary Resources
bulletSkin Problems
bullet"HOT SPOTS"
bulletSkin Problems in Dogs
bulletSkin Diseases in Dogs
bulletSkin Problems

MORE Veterinary/Health Web Sites

bulletHip Dysplasia sites - find links on the SAC  HD page...
bulletVeterinary Ophthalmology Information Centre - Information on eye diseases to supplement your knowledge of the various conditions that affect the eyes of domestic pets. 
bulletCanadian Association of Veterinary Ophthalmology - A Veterinary Ophthalmology information centre with other links.
bulletCERF is dedicated to the elimination of heritable eye
disease in purebred dogs through registration and research.
bulletACVO (American College of Veterinary Ophthalmologists) : In addition to information about various eye disorders, you may obtain lists of veterinary ophthamologists at this site.
bulletLiving with Blind Dogs - This is the first-ever resource book and training guide for the owners of blind & low vision dogs, by Caroline Levin.
bulletBlind Dogs Connections - Sign up on the Blinddogs Mail List if you're an owner of a newly blinded dog or have been at this for awhile-the purpose of this list is to provide you the support and information you need to help both you and your beloved dog. If your new to this situation-rest assured it does get much better. Most dogs adjust well and lead happy near-normal lives. This page gives instructions for sign-up.
bulletBlind Dogs website - for owners of blind or visually impaired dogs
bulletCanine Diabetes - A great site with lots of information and links for diabetic dogs (and cats).
bulletMuffin (Diabetes) Mail List - Muffin is an open list for anyone who has a diabetic pet, and others with an interest in the topic. The best advice I could give any owner of a diabetic pet would be to join this list. The amount of knowledge this group has as a collective is incredible!
bulletPets With Diabetes Discussion List - Another excellent mail list for owners of Diabetic pets. The members of this list have various backgrouds and experiences. Some members have a pet who was recently diagnosed, and others have been caring for a diabetic pet for years. But we have two things in common: we are here to help each other learn and understand about diabetes in our pet, and we are here to be supportive of each other.
bulletDiabetes & My Dog - Lots of great information and links and faq's from Judy & "Queenie".
bulletCushings Links -

bulletVetPet - (mailing list) a wonderful support group with veterinary professionals and folks like you and me - Vets and pet owners in partnership for small animal health and chronic disease care. (to subscribe, when the e-mail box comes up.... leave the subject line blank and in the body type the message: SUBSCRIBE VETPET)
bulletThe WWW - Virtual Library Veterinary Medicine Page focuses only on new and major Internet veterinary  medical resources.
bulletThe Canine Sports Medicine Update is the on-line version of an outstanding newsletter written by a veterinarian specializing in working and sporting dogs. This is a MUST-READ!
bulletAltVetMed - Veterinary Care - Complementary and alternative veterinary medicine available at this site, and lots of great information!
bulletAmerican Veterinary Medical Association's (AVMA) web page on animal health.
bulletWashington University's NetVet Veterinary Resources and the Electronic Zoo - For a comprehensive view of veterinary and animal-related Internet resources and pet care
bulletCornell's College of Veterinary Medicine

Genetics-Related Topics:

bulletCERF: Canine Eye Registration Foundation
bulletDog Infomat: Genetics
bulletVet Med: On Hypothyroidism
bulletOFA: Orthopedic Foundation of Animals
bulletVet Gen: On Genetic Diseases
bulletHealth Links by Muttart.com ~ Pet Health News

Holistic Medicine:

bulletThe Woodro's Holistic Links Page
bulletHome Vet ~ Household Medications for Pets
bulletSeasonal Concerns by Dog Infomat
bulletWarm Weather Tips ~ AKC Summer Tips ~ Autumn Hazards
bulletCold Weather Tips ~ AKC Winter Tips
bulletT-Touch: Linda Tellington-Jones

Emergency Links:

bulletDog Infomat: Emergency Info
bulletDisasters & Disaster Preparedness:
bulletEarthquake Preparedness
bulletEmergency Preparation
bulletFEMA: Pets & Disasters
bulletNatural Disasters/Emergency Links
bulletRed Cross Disaster Preparedness for Pets
bulletFirst Aid & CPR:
bulletPet First Aid by Mammato, Bobbie & Duckworth, Susie, 1997.
bulletAnimal CPR: Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation
bulletBide-A-Wee First Aid
bulletFirst Aid and Healing
bulletFirst Aid for Dogs
bulletFirst Aid Kit by Dog Owner's Guide
bulletMcGuire's First Aid Kit
bulletMedi + Pet First Aid Kit by Treats!
bulletSherlock Bones: First Aid & Safety

Dog Poisoning

bulletASPCA Poison Control Center
1-800-548-2423 or 1-900-680-0000
bulletAnti-Freeze Poisoning
bulletChocolate Toxicity
bulletPoison Control
bulletGarbage/Food Poisoning
bulletPet Poison Prevention Tips
bulletPet Poison Safety Tips
bulletPoisonous Plants ~ Potentially Hazardous Plants
bulletVet Info: Toxins/Poisons that Affect Dogs

Other sites of interest!

bulletThe Canadian Kennel Club
bulletDogs in Canada -The official publication of the CKC, including the Dogs Annual.
bulletCanadian Championship Dog Shows - Canadian Conformation Dog Shows are divided into six Regions of Canada. The dog shows are further divided into the 12 months of the year.
bulletThe American Kennel Club
bulletThe AKC Gazette - The official AKC journal for the sport of purebred dogs
bulletJapan Kennel Club
bulletOntario County Kennel Club  (Ontario, Canada)
bulletOttawa Kennel Club (Ontario, Canada)
bulletDog World Magazine
bulletDog Fancy Magazine
bulletCanine Review Magazine (includes Canadian dog show results)
bulletThe Rainbow Bridge - The Pet Loss Grief Support Website & Candle Ceremony

more to come!

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*These links to other websites are not necessarily endorsed by DCU
but are provided for information and interest only*

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