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Here are some maps that might help.

BronteRd1.gif (29790 bytes) Ignore the red star - it's too far east. I've marked where Dr. Zigler's office is with a red X instead. It's right at the corner at Speers & Bronte Rd.  Set of Traffic lights at the intersection too.

Gas Station on the northeast corner at Speers Rd, and Dr. Zigler's office is in the small plaza on the southeast corner - can't miss it.



BronteRd2.gif (15574 bytes) Closeup
BronteRd6.gif (53682 bytes) A wider view so you can see other roads
BronteRd5.gif (32201 bytes) And a BIGGER view of the area!

Hwy 410 south from Brampton turns into Hwy 403 south of 401 - same road though. Usually it's not busy and not a huge hwy between 410 & QEW. That's the route I take (took it for Dr. Wolfer's too, just got off a bit earlier!).

If you take 410 to 403 to QEW then just get off at Bronte Road, head south for about 1/2 mile and watch for Speers Rd. at lights (it'll be on your left).

If you take 401 to Milton then take #25 south to Oakville. #25 is Bronte Road. Watch for Dr. Zigler's office after you go under QEW underpass (it' s just south of there on left at lights - 2nd set I believe).

So, how's that? Want more detail???  :-)